Little Mix - Towers chords

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 G               D               EM                   C
You turn, and I learned that the wall comes falling down
 G                D             EM                 C
Not a word, only hurt when my friends can't tell me now
    G                     D
I feel loved when I see your face
     EM                   C
But all these scars, I can't replace
Shock me high
    D                    EM           C
Hit me hard, and I don't know what you say

    G                 D
When you knock on my door
                      EM    C
And tell me you don't want to fight
G              D                     EM      C
Oh, baby I'm sure that I'm not gonna fall this time

G                        D
You never brought me flowers
Never helped me in my darkest hours
                                   C                               G
And you left it so late that my heart feels nothing nothing in towers
Once we were made like towers
Everything could've been ours
But you left it too late now my heart feels nothing nothing at all
And thats basically it for the whole song let me know if anything is incorrect :)
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