Little Mix - Nothing Feels Like You chords

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I'm pretty sure there's no capo to match the recording, but whatever fits your voice is fine.

[Verse 1]
G                          F            C                         G  F  C
I could have all the money all the fancy treasures in the world
G                    F             C                              G  F  C
25 acres just to hold my diamonds and my pearls

But all of that's a fantasy
Nothing like I wanna be
C                          G
Baby you and me that's real
Something like a masterpiece
Would be up on galleries
C                    G
You and I, that's real

G                    F
If I had everything, it wouldn't mean a thing
C                        G
Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you
G                      F
No matter what they say can't take my love away
C                        G
Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you
G                          F
Baby even when we're miles apart
  C                          G
You'll always stay inside my heart
G                               F
Let me tell you no one else will do
  C                           G
'Cause baby nothing feels like you

[Verse 2] 
G                     F             C                     G  F  C
Boys will be boys I got plenty knocking on my door
G                       F             C                   G  F  C
But none of them compare baby you're the one I'm waiting for

Cause I'm living in a fantasy
Every time you're here with me
C                       G
Kiss me if it's real
Baby you were meant to keep
You bring out the best in me
C                      G
Now I know it's real


From then on it repeats G F C G
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