Little River Band - Take It Easy On Me tab

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Take It Easy On Me
Little River Band
Chorded by: S. Peterson & C. Brady

Note: Here is the proper fingering for the Bm5b7 -

Verse 1
Dm                               A
It used to be so easy to be your lover
Dm                                            A
We wandered through the days like they had no end
Dm                             A
But now that you are gone, Iím undercover
Dm                                A
I just canít think about you as a friend

D                                A
Take it easy on me, it should be easy to see
F#m                                   Esus       E
Iím getting lost in the crowd, nearly crying out loud
D                        A                     F#m
Just want you to know, I know that you have to go
B                       Bm7b5                            A
Itís all up to you, but whatever you do, take it easy on me

Verse 2
Dm                                       A
So now Iíll go the minstrel road without you
Dm                                            A
I know there will be times when Iíll need you there
Dm                                         A
And each night as I sing those songs about you
Dm                                           A
Iíll think back to the time when you used to care


A               Dsus   D                     A
Take it easy on me, oh baby donít leave me cryiní
A                 Dsus    D                       A
It should be easy to see, Iíve needed you for so long
Dsus          D                 F                    E
Just one more chance, will you, one more chance will you take a chance
E          Esus       E
Címon and take a chance



B                             D            Asus              A
Itís still up to you, but whatever you do, take it easy on me

Note: Credit and thanks to C. Brady, my guitar instructor, for helping clean up this 
which sounds better than the first one I submitted.
Submitted 18 November 2006
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