Little Women - Some Things Are Meant To Be chords

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G G em7 G X2 


         G                      Cadd9  G
Let's pretend we're riding on a kite
      Cadd9 D       G                  Dsus4
Let's imagine we're flying through the air
      G         G               Cadd9  G
We'll ascend until we're out of sight 
        Cadd9 D          G D    
Light as paper we'll soar


         bm em   am             Dsus4 
Let's be wild up high above the sand 
D        bm em    am           Dsus4
Feel the wind the world at our command
      G         Cadd9          G     am
Let's enjoy the view and never land
         G            Dsus
Floating far from the shore


                G            D
Some things are meant to be
                  C              am
The clouds moving fast and free
                        D7sus4 D7
The sun on a silver sea
  G                     C
A sky that's bright and blue
    D7sus4           G         D
And some things will never end
                  C           am
The thrill of our magic ride
                     D7sus4 D    G G C Dsus4
The love that I feel inside for you


            G    D                   C   G
We'll climb high beyond the break of day
         C   D7sus4    G               Dsus4
Sleep on stardust, and dine on bits of moon
        G      D              C
You and I will find the Milky Way
         D7sus4       G  Dsus4
We'll be mad and explore


         bm7    am7           Dsus4
We'll recline a loft upon the breeze
D    bm7 em     am7           D    Dsus4
Dart about sail on with windy ease
         G  Cadd9              G
Pass the days doing only as we please
am7         G         F   C  cm
That's what living is for


G                           D
Some things are meant to be
                 Cadd9      am7
The tide turning endlessly
                 am7         [ch]Cadd2[/ch]  D
The way it takes hold of me 
   D      G      C6  C 
No matter what I do
    D7sus4           G         D
But some things will never die
               C           am7
The promise of who you are
                       D7sus4 D   em  G A
Your memories when I am far  from you
       G         C                G
All my life I've lived for loving you
       D  C   D  C
Let me go now


G G Cadd9 G bm7 em am D D D G C cm G am7 G Dsus4 (fin.)

*arpeggiate chords intro & outro*
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