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Live - Run To The Water tab

t. See for more information.                     #

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 14:14:00 EST
Subject: l/live/run_to_the_water.crd

<< Written by Ed Kowalczyk
 Performed by Live of the album The Distance to Here
 This is my first addition to the OLGA archives, so bear with me.  It 
probably isn't very accurate, but I hope it's a start and many others will 
make improving additions.
 Intro:  D-C-G   With a little Riff on the lower E string  E 0---3---0
          D-C-G   With a little Riff on the high E string  E---1h3p1---
Intro is repeated through verse section

Prechorus:  rapid F crd strums
 D             G
        D          G
 F                                  F
 D                            G
 D             C                     G 
 Repeat intro


bridge solo:

 Fade out on chorus
 End with a D and  E---1h3p1---
 I hope this helps.  Any additions would be appreciated.  If anyone knows any 
Stir songs, or Urge songs, they would also be greatly appreciated.  
Long live the St. Louis music scene!
 David Shenefelt  St Louis MO >>
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