Live - The Dolphins Cry chords

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{t:The Dolphins Cry}

{c:Capo on 1}
Bm:    x 2 4 4 3 2
Bm/G:  3 x 4 4 3 2
Asus4: 0 0 2 2 3 0
Asus2: 0 0 2 2 0 0

[Bm]The way you're [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]bathed in light, [Bm]reminds me [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]of that night
[Bm]God laid me [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]down into your [Asus4]ro[Asus2]se garden of [Bm]trust
and I was [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]swept away, [Bm]with nothin' [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]left to say
[Bm]some helpless [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]fool, yeah I was [Asus4]lo[Asus2]st in a swoon of [Bm]peace
you're all I [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]need to find, [B]so when the [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]time is right
[Bm]come to me [[ch]Bm/G[/ch]]sweetly, come to [Asus4]m[Asus2]e,
come to [E]me

[Bm]love will lead us, [A]alright, [E]love will lead us, she will lead us
[Bm]Can you hear the [A]dolphin's cry? [E]See the road rise up to meet us
[Bm]It's in the air we [A]breathe tonight, [E]Love will lead us, she will lead us

Oh Yeah, we meet again, it's like we never left
Time in between was just a dream, did we leave this place?
This crazy fog surrounds me, you wrap your legs around me
All I can do to try and breathe, let me breathe so that I
so we can go together!


[D]Life is like a [A]shooting star, it don't matter [G]who you are
if you only run for [E]cover, it's just a waste of [D]time
We are lost [A]'til we are found, this phoenix rises [G]up from the ground
and all these wars are [E]over

singin' la da da, da da da
come to me
singin' la da da da, da da da
come to me
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