Local Natives - Wooly Mammoth chords

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"Wooly Mammoth"
Local Natives

Tuning: Standard EADGBE
Chords Used: Bm, Em, D, G, A, F#m

Intro & Verses:
Bm - Em - D

G - F#m - G - A

Post-Chorus Break:
G (Rings out) while "Bm - Em - D" aka Intro & Verse chord progression returns

Verse (Again):
Bm - Em - D

Chorus (Variation):
G - A - G - F#m - G - A - Bm - A

Post-Chorus Break 2:
Em - Bm - Bm - A
Em - D - Bm - A
G (Rings out into Synth Bridge)

Synth Bridge Chords:
Bm - - - F#m - A

Pre-Chorus (Aka Verse):
Bm - Em - D

Final Chorus:
G - A - G - F#m
G - A - Bm - A

G (Final Chord, let it ring out)

These chords should be 100% correct, as I figured these out from a combination of 
Chordify and my own collegiate music theory knowledge.

Please rate! Hope this helps any Local Natives fans out there!
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