Local Natives - Black Spot chords

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This song begins with just intervals (2 notes) which I will put in parentheses. 
Later on the whole chords come in, which are outside of the parentheses. 

Fdim= x33201

Fdim (F B) 
Oh no
      Am7 (C E)
I'm dying wrong
        Dm (D D)       C  (C E)
I can read it in the whites

And the thing is, I knew it before
I reopen my eyes
And if I didn't know to be afraid,
The faces make me sure that I do now
As I sit and wait...

Oh no, I'm dying wrong
But I'm still laying here alive
With a black spot on my arm
And so calm I look inside
And I see the things I always knew
But wasn't sure until now

That if it comes to claim
           C      F
I won't run
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