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Lofgren Nils - Just A Little tab

From: (BoogieBoy)
Subject: CRD: Nils Lofgren "Just a Little"

Nils Lofgrenís ďJust a LittleĒ.

|C | F | D | G E | Am*| Am*|

(verse 1)
            C               F                         D              G
I canít stay, yes I know, you know I, hate to go
                C                    F                  D                 
but good bye, Itís been sweet, even though, incomplete

(chorus) [half measures for chorus until the ďAmĒ]
              C              G                   F             G
Yes, Iíll cry just a little Ďcause I love you so
              C             G                    F          E          Am
and Iíll die just a little Ďcause I have to go away.

(verse 2)
Canít you see, how I feel, when I say, loveís unreal
Now thatís gone, gone away, as I once heard you say.


C F D G C F D E Am Am

(verse 3)
Every night, I still hear, all you sighs, very clear
Now thatís gone, gone away, as I once heard you say

(chorus twice)

* This is actually a combination of Am, A9, and Asus4. Listen to it on the
CD single and youíll pick it up quickly.

Youíre doing yourself an injustice if youíve never seen Nils perform this
song live acoustic.
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