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Loggins And Messina - A Love Song tab

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written by kenny loggins and dona lyn george 
from the "full sail" album 1974

e  emaj7  f#m7  b  f#m7  b  e

There's a wren in a willow wood, flies so high, sings so good,
       f#m7         b        f#m7      b
and he brings to you what he sings to you.
And the love in his lullaby seemed to tell me if I try
        f#m7        b                     f#m7     b
I could fly for you,  and lover I want to try for you 'cause

e emaj7                   f#m7      b   
I      want to sing you a love song
          f#m7               b           e
I want to rock you in my arms all night long.
 emaj7           f#m7     b          f#m7
I want to get to know you, I want to show you
       b                     e
the peaceful feeling of my home.

Summer thunder on moon bright days, northern lights and skies ablaze
     f#m7         b                 f#m7        b
I'll bring to you, if you'll let me sing to you.
Silver wings in a fiery sky show the trail of our love
         f#m7        b               f#m7         b
and I'll sing to you, love is what I bring to you
          f#m7     b
I want to sing to you.  Oh,


then modulate from e to g#m7 to c#m7 

then repeat chorus using

f#  f#maj7 g#m7 c#7 g#m7 c#m7 f#

Mona, I love to sing "A Love Song" for you!
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