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Lonehill Estate - Ginger Biscuit chords

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We call him ginger biscuit, 
we call him ginger nut,
we call him robin redbreast 
or good old carrot top

G                                           D
Oh ginger wont you come out to play in the sun, 
                 D                         G
cause everyone loves to see a ginger well done
G                                         Asus2
Oh ginger you donít go out cause no one invites us, 
               D                         G                            
I think their all afraid of catching gingervites

Oh ginger they its cause is resessive genes, 
well thatís no excuse for people being so mean
Oh ginger it must be hard to pickup chicks, 
when all the blood in your body is kept in your lips

Oh does the curtain match the carpet my speckled egg, my crimson crusader

Hes got frecals hes got frecals.. 
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