Lonesome Mountaineers - Say Youll Be There chords

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Lonesome Mountaineers - Say you'll be there 

Capo 4 Freth

Intro:    G  C  D  G  C  Am  C  D  G 

    G                   C
Well darling there's no time to waist
  D                          G
I know I wanna be the loving man
                    C       Am
I know a place where we can go
C                  D                   G
Please get there so I can hold your hand

G                      C
Say you'll be there by midnight 
D                                G
We can stand and watch the golden moon
G                      C
Say you'll be there by midnight 
   D                                  G
I promise you that I'll will be there too


Vers 2:
I wanna hold you in my arms tonight
I smell the perfume in your long blond hair
And whisper something I love you
Take my hand and say that you'll be there 


Well you don't know my love is true
I will never fail to make you smile
And I will give you the best of me
And maybe I can walk you down the Aisle 

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Say You'll Be There
Lonesome Mountaineers
By Mikael Grund		Source: http://www.myspace.com/lonesomemountaineers

lyrics submitted by Johnny Ivarsson
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