Loquat - Internal Crash chords

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Intro: C C Em Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2-Am-Am7-Am-Am7

C            Em        Am                   Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2-Am         
Internal crash took up seconds and stole his years, 
which are hard to earn back
C            Em       Am              Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2-Am  Fsus2
You keep bringing him flowers while he sleeps the whole day through
C                   Am7        Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2-Am           Fsus2
Finally you found a way to see improvements that aren't really there

G                           Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2-Am      
You lift an arm; you lift a leg
              Em                   F
And they don't move, but he's still here
G                F-Fsus2
And everyday, he tries
G                Am-Asus2      
And he'll adjust fine
G                      Am-Asus2
As long as you let him through, 
G                         Am-Asus2-Am-Asus2 G
He'll do a lot more than you

G                         Am-Asus2-Am-Am7-Am-Am7             F
It's hard to keep driving back with no progress that you can see
C         Em         Am-Am7-Am-Am7
Yes there are little moments
Am-Asus2                F
Mainly it's bland cubed carrots

G                      Am-Asus2
Strapped in a chair on wheels, 
Am-Am7                         F
the view outide just makes him sigh, 
G                    Am-Asus2
"I already fought a war. 
G                             Am-Asus2
I didn't think i'd be fighting more.
G                    Am-Am7 
But here i am back again, 
G                 Am-Asus2
something more to defend.

Am-Asus2 Asus4 G
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