Lorde - A World Alone chords

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Played throughout the song are just these notes:



E                         Asus2
Raise a glass, 'cause I'm not done saying it
E                   Asus2
They all wanna get rough, get away with it
E                         Asus2                      E
Let 'em talk 'cause we're dancing in this world alone, world alone, we're alone

E                    Asus2
All the double-edged people and schemes
E                        Asus2
They make a mess then go home and get clean
E                                Asus2               E
You're my best friend, and we're dancing in a world alone, a world alone, we're alone

(P.S. I tabbed this on a Mac and when you're submitting, the font isn't in Courier New 
so I put it into TextEdit as Courier New and pasted it into UG's tab submission box. 
Hopefully everything's in the right spot. If not the parts are pretty easy to figure out)

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