Lori Mckenna - Your Next Lover tab

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*Capo on first fret*

Well, she lives a few doors down

Says she wants you to take her out

Have some coffee somewhere - just some coffee

You saw her out in the parking lot
                                        C                            G
And any plans you had you can break so wash your face - let yourself go

Everybody is a sinner

Everybody makes mistakes
And there ain't nobody - who needs nobody
Don't forget to look her in the eye

Laugh and show your smile
There's not much more to lonely than being less lonely

Am                                  C
I stood and watched (all) the stars fade right there - from your eyes
Am                    C                   D             G
Baby, I think I know just what your next lover will be like

You hate cigarettes so she won't smoke

But she don't mind this bar you're in
She sits right up there on that stool - puts her pocketbook down and smiles

at you
You think she's about five foot three

That makes her taller than me
But you're not thinking about that now, no -it ain't right to think about that now



Em                 C
And I hope she can fix you
                G                            C
I hope she's someone who will never let you down
Em                        C                    D         C
I hope she reminds you nothing of me and - as crazy as crazy as it sounds
I hope she's beautiful


G                         C
Cause there ain't nobody who needs nobody
G                            C
There ain't nobody who needs nobody

This is my first tab, I feel pretty good about it, but a little sketchy about the 
If you have any corrections, please email to shan.heslop@gmail.com. I hope to see a lot more 
Lori's stuff up here, she's incredibly talented, I was surprised not to see her yet!

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