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Lori Mckenna - Your Next Lover tab

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*Capo on first fret*

Well, she lives a few doors down

Says she wants you to take her out

Have some coffee somewhere - just some coffee

You saw her out in the parking lot
                                        C                            G
And any plans you had you can break so wash your face - let yourself go

Everybody is a sinner

Everybody makes mistakes
And there ain't nobody - who needs nobody
Don't forget to look her in the eye

Laugh and show your smile
There's not much more to lonely than being less lonely

Am                                  C
I stood and watched (all) the stars fade right there - from your eyes
Am                    C                   D             G
Baby, I think I know just what your next lover will be like

You hate cigarettes so she won't smoke
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But she don't mind this bar you're in
She sits right up there on that stool - puts her pocketbook down and smiles

at you
You think she's about five foot three

That makes her taller than me
But you're not thinking about that now, no -it ain't right to think about that now



Em                 C
And I hope she can fix you
                G                            C
I hope she's someone who will never let you down
Em                        C                    D         C
I hope she reminds you nothing of me and - as crazy as crazy as it sounds
I hope she's beautiful


G                         C
Cause there ain't nobody who needs nobody
G                            C
There ain't nobody who needs nobody

This is my first tab, I feel pretty good about it, but a little sketchy about the 
If you have any corrections, please email to I hope to see a lot more 
Lori's stuff up here, she's incredibly talented, I was surprised not to see her yet!