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Los Lonely Boys - Nobody Else tab

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Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
Song: Nobody else
Album: Nieprzyzwoite Piosenki (2003)

G, C, G, E, E, C
G, C, G, E, D, C

G             C                 G
They say everything has already happened 
     E           D           C
The world just repeats itsí self 
G                C            G
Thereís nothing new for us to discover 
 E        D          C
Nothing wise left to say 

Am                         D
I know I canít teach you a thing 
Em          Bm        C
You havenít learnt before 
Am                   D
Whatever Iíd like to tell you now 
Em  Bm      C
You already knowÖ 
But Iíll try, Just one time, And Iíll say: 

G                         D
Look at the Sun Ė itís so bright! 
And it shines just for you
Thereís nobody else
G                        D 
What you believe is your choice 
Itís your life, so come on!
Donít waste it away 
     C                      G
Just give your self another chance 

C, G, E, D, C
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