Losemynumber - Kiko chords

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chords used: Amaj -002220
             Bm   -020220
             Emaj -022100

INTRO: A Dsus2 F7b5 (x2)

           A                          Dsus2     F7b5           
could you sing me to sleep, something sweet, or keep me up all

A                                  Dsus2       F7        A
night. you're the only thing that i'll do right. you can make your move, 
                            Dsus2                  F7                A
unless you're scared to, if love for fools, babe i haven't got a clue. so 
                                    Dsus2            F7
tell me this works and i'll sing it back to you.   

A                                       Dsus2                  F7
baby you've got what i need, i know i'm miles away come take a step.. 
               A                            Dsus2                F7
towards me.. . i've got a taste for all the sweetest things, and you're the 
       Bsus                            Dsus2            F7           Bsus2
one to blame. i'm gonna make my way to you, if it's the last thing i do
                         Dsus2          F7
i'm gonna make my way to you.. .     

these long, long nights, won't
feel the same, until our hearts
collide. and bend back one last time. girl i hope you know that the
stars won't shine
half as bright, until your lips meet 
Dsus2                    E                               Dsus2
mine. wish i could spend forever in those eyes, in those eyes
you're the moon and i'm the tides.

  i'm sellin you lines to try to explain how you been on my mind
Dsus2                                 F7
     i just want you to know you been spillin my heart since the day that we spoke
if i had it it my way i would hit you with all the right words to say but 
    Dsus2         F7
i'm just a simple boy

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