Lost Boys - Affection chords

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Here is my own version of Little Steven's The Lost Boys amasing song. You can also 
hear it at The Sopranos 3-rd season. Enjoy!

INTRO (2 times): G5 D5 C5 G(no 5) C5 D5


G                  C G
Trash and vaudeville

G                           C G 
Tight dresses and painted faces

G                         C G
It's time to free the lions

G                   C G
From the circus cages

Jaded baby
Come whisper in my ear
Better come closer 'cause
The music is loud here


C         G           D
I'm the monkey that you've always been afraid of

C         G           D
I'm the spirit that haunts your dreams

C      G
Deep inside
            D                      C    D
Don't you have a little bit of sympathy


Don't you want to
Give me some affection
                D    C
Why is it so hard

Don't you get tired
Same smilin' faces
Don't you get a little bit lonely
Hiding in crowded places

Don't trust the stranger
You should know better
But this heart of darkness
Can be your shelter

I ain't rich enough I really don't belong here
I don't want to meet your mommy and daddy
I ain't good lookin' but you get used to it like I did

Don't you want to
Give me some affection
Why is it so hard
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