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Lost In The Trees - Song For The Painter tab

	          Song For The Painter - Lost In The Trees
Tabbed by: liggsies	

Killer simple as far as I can tell, but I probably couldn't have figured it out
a year or so ago when I was firmly in "beginner with no ears stage," so I thought
I'd share.  

It's in 4/4, and the chords are C, Am, F, and G.

During the verses, it's consistently one full four-beat measure of C, then one of 
Am, then two beats F, two beats G, and two beats C again before starting over into the
next verse.

The picking pattern is a great one to start with for folks who're having a hard time
with finger independence, as it's only the thumb and the index+middle fingers plucking
in tandem, like so:

    C                             Am                    


    F            G               C etc.


| h   hammer-on

The song starts with just the C pattern being played for quite a while, but when the 
verses come in this is the approximate context:

C                    Am
this song is for the painter
F        G           C
who lost both of her hands
C                        Am
and this song is for the wanderer who
F          G        C
never came home again

As usual, listen to the song itself for a better sense of timing.

And, as always, all comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.
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