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Lost In The Trees - Golden Eyelids chords

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Esta es la primera canción que subo, espero les sirva, y si hay errores, su oído 
les dirá cuales :D.

Capo (4th) en el cuarto traste.
Los acordes son:
 G : 320003
B7 : X21202
 C : X32010
Em : 022000
 D : XX0232
Am : X02210
D9 : XX0212

Introducción: Repetir
G - B7 (X4)

Verso :
G                 B7
 As a color she'll rise
G           B7
 From the water
G          B7
 A golden light
Wanders with
The birds

G              B7
 Where have you been?
G             B7
 What have you seen?
G        B7
 All the peace
When you come

C                           Em
 I'll tell it's worth it all
Your voice sings red
   G              D         Em
Ooh  behind your golden eyelids
Are drawers of your hair
Ooh   But no tears now that
      Am        Em
Your cancer is fed
      Am       Em
Your soul shielded
      Am  D9      
Your sings red

G - B7 (X3)
Em - D

G               B7
 My twins were born
G         B7
 Far too early
G             B7
 Cut out and laid
      Em     D
In a bed of heat

G            B7
 Lead me from this dark house
G                B7
 With your gold fingers
G                  B7
 Turned this wicked touching
  Em       D
Into a golden church

C                         Em
 Please tell me it's worth it all
Your heart beats red
   G              D         Em
Ooh  behind your golden eyelids
Float with birds in your hair
Ooh  No words
           Am          Em
That your mouth left unread
   Am             Em
My arms are your bed
      Am  D9
Your beats red

G - B7 (X3)
Em - D (X3)
G - B7 (X3)
Em - D

 G                    B7
You have such a good heart
G        B7
 For wandering
G        B7         Em          D
 All the peace when I come following

C                               Em
 You told me it was worth it all
          C         G   
My eyes see red  ooh
             D         Em
Behind your golden eyelids
Beyond the last words you said
Ooh   I'll follow
         Am        Em
All my flown away kids
         Am           Em
Let your arms be our beds
        Am D9       (G - B7) X8 
And my  see red

Bueno esta gran canción según tengo entendido es del disco A Church That Fits Our 
Needs, el disco es dedicado a su madre, que creo, se suicido. ¡GRAN TEMA! 
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