Loudon Wainwright Iii - Dilated To Meet You chords

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We're wondering when you will arrive
We're wondering what you'll be
Dm                 Am
We're wondering if you'll be a her
G            C
Or if you'll be a he

Em (Fill)

Maybe you'll arrive today
Perhaps tomorrow night
Dm                     Am
We're hoping you won't hurt too much
G               C
And that you'll be all right

Life has a few unpleasantries
We may as well confess
Dm                Am
We suppose you'll cry a lot
G               C
And that you'll be a mess

There is one thing you should know well
Of this there is no doubt
Dm             Am
You cannot get inside again
G             C
Once you have come out

Even though there's trouble
Even though there's fuss
Dm              Am
We really think you'll like it here
G                C
We hope that you like us
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