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Love - Listen To My Song tab

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This is my first tab. I didn't find any tabs/chords for this great song by the superb US
Coast psychedelic rock band - Love, so I decided to do it myself. Took like two minutes
figure out which chords to use, and I'm pretty sure it's correct. It sounds perfect 
playing it along with the song. It's really easy to play, and it sort you a
feeling. Very soft.

Peace! =)

Intro: D Eb (x2)

D F#m G

Verse 1:
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D          F#m
I see you, can you hear me
G              C           Em           A
If you can, I want you to listen to my song
      C            Em           A
Yes I want you to listen to the whole words
     G       D
I'll sing to you

Verse 2:

D             F#m
They told me, that you sold me
G                 C             Em             A
And you see, it's just a little question in my mind
       C              Em            A
All it was was just a portion of my time
   G        D   F#m   G
My time, my time

(Whistle over one verse)

(Repeat verse 1)

Outro: Same as intro
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