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Hey there!
 I had trouble finding the tabs, chords or even lyrics for this beautiful song on the web
so I tried deciphering them all by myself :) The chords part was the easiest one, the tabs are
also not that difficult (I still haven't figured out those completely though) but I gave up
on the lyrics. But yay!
I found them a couple of days ago :)
 So in case there's anyone out there who loves this song as much as I do, here's my first
submission to the UG. Enjoy :)

Band: LPG (Denmark)
Song: Belly Rollercoaster
Album: I Fear No Foe

The song is basically 4 chords: B, Dm, D# and F. I think that it sounds better when you play
barre chords:

B  6-8-8-7-6-6-|
Dm x-5-7-7-6-5-|
D# x-6-8-8-8-6-|
F  x-8-t-t-t-8-| (t=10 fret)

1st verse:

When the sun comes up
the flowers’ cup is wet
and it will shine upon
the drops of dew
that find a place
to hide in frightened paperspace
they go their own
they find a way
try to connect but with delay
they disappear
they go away
their fear has paid its toll today

2nd verse:

Or blood and pain did break my bones
my moans in bed when I’m alone
creates a wind that takes my skin
curtains away the world I’m in
it makes me longue to life again
to peer through holes at life again
to live a life like others do
or lovers that depends on you


D#                             F
Don’t you think it starts with us?
it doesn’t start with me
D#                             B     F
don’t you think it starts with us?
D#                             F
don’t you think it starts with us?
I just don’t want to be
                   D#     B
bend in words that make me

3rd and 4th verses:

I think I didn’t understand
thought she just wants it different
indifferent to her
to keep it closer to her world
and not compare her with the girls
who like to be compared with pearls or so
no she just really likes to know
what does my belly rollercoast

I wrote:

I saw you walking down the road
I saw you talking to the snow
I felt a rock that closed my throat
when frozen eyes hid where you go t’
what did it show me
it told me I could never be
so close to you
so that before you close your door
I can get in your home


Don’t you think it starts with us?
it doesn’t start with me
don’t you think it starts with us?
don’t you think it starts with us?
I just want this to be
based on you and me

That's it. I hope you liked it. Rock on! :)

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