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Lucero - Diamond State Heartbreak tab

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			     diamond state heartbreak - Lucero
Tabbed by: gill

Tuning: Standard

Intro\Main Riff

     G   C                      Em   C   D
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G                C   
I don't want to see you
G               C
Crying like that
Em                  C                D
Not when you're the one who broke my heart
G              C
Wish I didn't want you
G               C   
Didn't want you back
Em              C               D
But you were my biggest love so far
                 C        Am
And you broke my heart
You broke my heart

C      Em

G            C
I try not to call you
G                C
Wonder where you are
Em                   C              D    
I still glimpse your eyes up in the stars
G              C
But now when I see you
G             C
I feel like a fool
Em                  C               D
Wish you would have seen my fall so hard
              C      Am
I fell like a star
and you broke my heart

C   Em

Intro x2 (Start lyrics on the last D chord of the progression)

D           C      Am
Fell like a star
And you broke my heart

C   Em
You broke my heart

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