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Lucero - Joining The Army tab

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Dont know for sure if it is right but it seems to work for me.  Comments please feel 
to email

 E                                        B
Told you I was joining the army, had no excuse
            Bb          A
seemed the right the to do
     B    E          A
and you called me a fool
                   B         E
said Id come back mean and cruel
E                                          B
Aaid I just wanted to make my grandfather proud
      Bb              A
even though hes not around
     B          E        A
been gone since I was thirteen
B                            A          E
Im still worried what hed think about me
   E                                     B
playing this guitar aint gonna cut for long
           Bb      A
me singing these songs
        B                 E        A
dont compare to what he did over there
         B           A        E
need to prove I can carry my share
 A          B          E
take on my own load to bear
A          B          E
to me, it only seems fair
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