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Lucksmiths - Requiem For The Punters Club tab

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Transcribed by Andy Willinger
Culver City, CA. USA [andy_willinger@(remove to reply)]

Requiem For The Punters Club
-The Lucksmiths
(Marty Donald)

                      C       G
   Have you been drinking?
   'Cause it's not too late to start
   There's still a week
   Before they come and pull the place apart
                    C       G
   And I was thinking
   I have sorrows to be drowned
   Too complete to contemplate
   Without a friend around
         F                               G
   On Brunswick Street, the bits of broken glass
           Dm                  C
   Sparkle-  brighter than the six or seven stars
G  F  Dm  C

   And I'm reminded
   Of a Sunday afternoon
   How the sunlight caught the cigarette smoke
   Curling through the room
   And you behind it
   Your hair in rubber bands
   One more for the footpath
   And we walked home holding hands
           F                           G
   Like the weekenders and window-shoppers do
          Dm              C
   We were happier than either of us knew

G  F  Dm  C (x2)
   So act surprised
   It's been a while since I came calling
   I know it's late
   But Old Times' Sake- and all that junk
   I'll be alright
   We'll make tonight tomorrow morning
   Sometimes you want to go
   Where everybody knows you're drunk
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