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Lucky Jim - Endless Night tab

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Lucky jim - Endless night

EM         A
Endless night
        C       D     AM        EM
Falling endlessly in love with you
EM             A 
you put me right
      C       D    AM       EM
I was horny broken down and blue
G   EM              BM
Lover where is it you go
F            D
Under bridges moving slow
F            D
Drifting with the rivers tow
G              F
Let me be your sail and mast
G                F
Take me drifting through the past
EM          C            D
Until we are alone at last
C             G
Alone at last

EM          A
Endless night
        C    D      AM        EM
like an army on the road to long
EM            A
I've taken flight                                         
        C   D    AM        EM   
But the enemy is growing strong

G   EM                  BM
Lover will you be my guide
F            D
Find for me a place to hide
F           D
far across the ocean wide
G          F
Let this be an end to pain
G              F
Lift your dress and wash the stain
EM           C     D
Until we are alone again
C                  G
Alone again

BRIDJE: C \ D \ BM \ C * 4
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