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Ludo - Goodbye Bear chords

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Artist: Ludo
Album: You're Awful, I Love You (2008)
Song: Goodbye Bear

This song's about losing

Moving truck outside,
Off to Oklahoma
                              A              E
These walls we painted are getting painted over
Scared I'll fall asleep
Scared to say goodbye
                          A              E
Who knows how long we'll make it last tonight
   E              A                 E
Goodbye bear, I'm heading out the door
    A                E
I'm falling off the map
    A            E
I'm never coming home
I'm sorry I couldn't ask you
Couldn't offer you my life
Now it's all in boxes
    B                              A
But sometimes you have to let love die

End the song strumming an E chord for a few measures.  Very easy and fun song to 
play.  Enjoy!  NEW LUDO ALBUM OUT AUGUST 17th!!!!
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