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Luke Bryan - Drinkin Beer And Wastin Bullets chords

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Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets - Luke Bryan
Drop D tuning:   Intro:   D  Eb Eb   D   Eb Eb  

D = top 3 strings open, then hammer on the top 3 strings on the 1st fret to get the Eb....

(1st Verse)
  C                         Eb                            F
Out in the sticks with the squirrels and the ticks and my 30-06
        Eb           F               
I'm Running out of Miller Lite.
  C                 Eb                     F
Trucks in park, the dog won't bark couple hours till dark
Eb               F
wishin' on would walk by. 
    G                                      F                                      
Might as well left my gun in the gun rack, been here all day 
all I killed's a twelve pack.


   C                               F                  Eb                  
Sittin' here waitin' on a deer, drinkin' beer and wastin' bullets.
Aimin' at the empties, missin' hittin' pine trees.
It ain't my fault them cans keep movin'
      F                       G
My baby's on the phone sayin' baby come home
          C         Eb             F
where you been And what you been doin' 
                   C           Eb                                
We'll I've been, sittin' here, waitin' on a deer
           F         Eb           D   Eb Eb   D Eb Eb     D   Eb Eb   D Eb Eb  
Drinkin' beer and wastin' bullets

(2nd verse)
           C                     Eb                      F
The only deer I've seen's been John Deere green  And that don't mean,
 Eb           F               
 that I got a raw deal.
         C            Eb               F
'Cause ain't no boss callin' me hoss, tickin' me off
          Eb                     F
on the edge of this cornfield
  G                                              F                        
On my second box of Winchester hundred grains. Ain't seen a big buck

but it's been a good day


Lead Break over:   C    F   C     F    G    


  C               Eb                                
Sittin' here, waitin' on a deer,   
         F         Eb                  D   Eb Eb   D Eb Eb    
Drinkin' beer and waistin' bullets

C     Eb     F    Eb   F    C  .
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