Luke Doucet - Bloods Too Rich tab

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               Blood's Too Rich - Luke Doucet and the White Falcon
Tabbed by: Marc Dion
Lyrics from

Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G,B,E)

I bought this CD after seeing them with Blue Rodeo, and it is just great. I
was appalled at how few tabs there is for Mr.Doucet, I figured I'd start
filling this up. This is my first chord tab, and I did it all by ear. Didn't
look at the solo yet, I may add it later on. Feel free to e-mail feedback
and constructive criticism (fyi, IronMarc like Iron Maiden and 666 refers to
their song "The Number of the Beast". I have nothing against God). Enjoy the

*For the G marked with the *, play it as:
(if anybody knows the technical name for that chord, feel free to e-mail me.
I'm no good at naming chords, I'd say it's just a G with the high e note not

Intro chords:
Am, C, G, F

e|------------------------------------------- ---------------|
B|------------------------------------------- ---------------|
G|------------------------------------------- ---------------|
D|------------------------------------------- ---------------|

Verse 1:
Am                                                       C
Take my mother, my sister, my brother, and my first born son.

          G           F   
Ne' er do wells, everyone.

Am                                                          C
There's a fracture in the fabric of the family's old scotch pine.

            G             F
But it will heal if given time.

Verse 2:
Am                                     C
I for one am a believer in the nod and shake.

          G                  F
We'll get on, it's never too late.

Am                                               C
It's a part of your cult that I might keep for myself.

Turn the other cheek (that's nice).

But not that but about your hell.

C                                            G*
Because my blood's too rich for subway cars, and I'm too poor for a cab.

F                                       C               G
I'm too old for the girl I love but she doesn't know it yet.

C                                     G*
When I die I will leave no shadows of regret.

F                                           Em
I'm too tired to make amends that cannot go unsaid

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