Luke Kelly - Lifeboat Mona chords

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[Am]Remember December[G] fifty-[Am]nine
The howling wind and the[G] driving[E] rain
Re[Am]member the gallant[G] men who[C] drowned
On the[G] lifeboat[Em] Mona[E] was her[Am] name
The wind it blows and the sea roar's up
Beats the land with mighty waves
At St.Andrew's bay the lightship fought
The sea until her moorings gave
Three hours went by and the mona called
the wind blows hard and the sea runs high
in the morning of Carnusty beach
the Mona and her crew did lie
The captain signalled to the shore
We must have help or we'll go down
From Broughty Ferry at two a.m
They sent the lifeboat Mona
Eight men formed that gallant crew
They set their boats against the main
The wind's so hard and the sea's so rough
We'll never sea land or sea again
Five lay drowned in the cabin there,
two were washed up on the shore
Eight men died when the boat capsized
and the eight is lost forever more.
Remember December fifty-nine
the howling wind and the driving rain
The men who leave the land behind
and the men who never see their homes again.
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