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Luke Leighfield - Have You Got Heart chords

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Hopefully this will prove useful to any Luke fans out there, I was annoyed when I 
didn't see that there was a single tab of his up so I worked this out and posted 
it, enjoy playing!! 

Capo 3

G C G D x4


G              C            G               D
Here's my expectations, now throw them all away
    G           C          G              D 
Iím sick of mediocrity and playing stupid games 
           Em                C               D               A    
Youíre all liars, youíre all fakes, and itís more than I can take 
          Am                    D             G 
Pack your bags, weíre going to find somewhere new 

G                    C             G           D
Iím bored of getting drunk now, it only took a year 
        G              C               G              D 
Kissing indie girls in dingy clubs was never a smart idea 
  Em                     C               D                  A    
University has taught me nothing that I couldnít read on wikipedia 
    Am                D              G 
Iím feeling like itís nearly time to go 


             G                   C
Have you got heart? Have you got soul? 
             Am           D
Have you got anything at all? 
            G                    C
Do you know passion? Do you know pain? 
                 Am              D
Have you got the courage to try again? 
                      G                            C
Are you in it for the money? Are you in it for the love? 
            Am                   D
Do you know what youíre dreaming of? 
           Em             D            C         D
ĎCause the end is getting nearer every day 

G C G D x2
G                    C           G                D
Looks mean more than talent, and talentís getting scarce 
   G             C                   G                 D
My friends are still starving, weíre looking worse for wear 
       Em              C          D               A
And if justice will prevail, well go on and do it now 
           Am                   D         G
ĎCause Iím scared weíre gonna give up the fight

Chorus and instrumentals follow for the remainder of the song, happy strummin' :D
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