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Luke Morley - Castles In The Sand tab

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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 22:14:32 GMT
From: Matt Gilroy 


Chords used:-

  Am   F   C   G   Bb   D   Dsus4    Dm   G/B   E7

  0    1   0   3   1    2    3       1     3    0
  1    1   1   3   3    3    3       3     3    0
  2    2   0   4   3    2    2       2     0    1
  2    3   2   5   3    0    0       0     0    0
  0    3   3   5   1    x    x       x     2    2
  x    1   3   3   1    x    x       x     x    0


On the Am chords, the technique is to strum down quite slowly and then
hammer the 3 on the b string. Knowing the tune will help.

 Am              F        Am             G

Am               F               Am             G


                Am           F     C                G
There must have been a moment    a second or a time

       Am            F        C                      G
When I didn't look up    or I missed some kind of sign

           Am              F                 C                  G
Turned the wrong direction       when she was just an inch away

       Am               F           C                  G
Like a missed connection     and my future slipped away

Bb                         F             Bb                     Am
There've been times when I feel like I'm conspired against by fate

Bb                  F                Dsus4         D
Its almost bad enough to make me hate

CHORUS:- Play distorted chords twice

Am                    F                C          G
I'm sick of building castles in the sand

Am                F              G                   D
Just waiting for another fake to break my promised land

F                         G               C      G/B       Am     G
I've been looking for the real thing in a lonely one night stand

D                                F     G        (Intro then verse)
Like building castles in the sand


Mainly stuff from the A pentatonic around about the 5-7th frets

After Solo bit. Play chords with a bit of Palm muting on and off.

          Dm                               Am
I've been crying I've been living alone so long

          Dm                               F
I've been over and over the reasons and I can't find

a thing thats wrong

      Dm                                 Am    rest then one G/B
In my mind  all the evidence seems to say

C                               G                E7
I wouldn't even know it if she walked right in today
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