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Intro:F Bb F Bb

Outside the door are the empty, the poor
         Bb                       F  C
Are the lives that are living no more 
Some of them grievers or broken believers 
   Bb                        F  C
Or used in some meaningless war 
Bb                         C
Go see for yourself if you think it'll help
       Dm                      Bb
But I just cannot go there no more 
            C           Bb           F  Bb F Bb 
Oh Lord, I will not go outside the door 
Down on the street there's a rhythm, a beat
        Bb                           F  C
You get caught up, you'll never get free 
A humming of heat to a strumming of feet 
    Bb                       F  C
You forget who you wanted to be 
Bb                       C
And under the madness an echoing sadness 
    Dm                         Bb
That whispers you'll never be free 
             C         Bb             F  Bb F Bb
Oh Lord, I will not go down on the street 
Out into the city, the gruesome, the gritty 
      Bb                   F  C         
The lovers, livers and lonely 
Away from my eyes in the thick fog, the cries 
       Bb                         F  C
Of the bleeding, broken and breaking 
Bb                              C
Your name there is nothing, the street signs are bluffing 
        Dm                      Bb
They'll put you wherever they please 
            C        Bb           F 
Oh Lord, I will not go into the city 
Iím already jaded 
Already I'm faded
         Dm                      Bb
There's nothing to learn or to know 
              C      F Bb F Bb
Oh Lord, I will not go 
Under the bridge there, the shadowy ridge there
     Bb                       F  C
That hides and is keeping us hid 
Where nothing is growing nor sunlight is showing 
    Bb                     F  C
Or shining on all that we did 
        Bb                        C
And the rumble of cars that goes bellowing past 
             Dm                     Bb
They're just running away with the wind 
            C         Bb             F Bb F Bb F Bb    
Oh Lord, I will not go under the bridge 
Out into the battle, they lead you like cattle 
     Bb                       F  C
And even they got their own laws 
You wonít be locked up there, nor shot or shocked up there 
     Bb                      F  C
For shooting a man to the floor 
    Bb                             C
They train you and break you, and re-educate you 
Dm                              Bb
But wonít tell you why or what for 
            C         Bb         F Bb F Bb F Bb F Bb
Oh Lord, I will not go into the war 
Up into the sky where the great engines fly 
       Bb                                F  C
Where they throw you and roll you like dice 
We've conquered the moon with explosions and fumes 
       Bb                        F  C
We have conquered the universe high 
   Bb                           C             
But looking back down there's a reasoning sound 
          Dm                Bb
That says nobody gets out alive
             C         Bb     F  
Oh Lord, I will not go into sky
There's no one around 
Just the beckoning sound
            Dm                       Bb
And there's no room to dream or to grow
            C         F Bb F Bb           F Bb F Bb
Oh Lord, I will not go       (I will not go)
Here on the ground we are lost, we are found 
       Bb                         F  C
We are lonely, we're spinning around 
Away from the crowds and the armies of clowns 
     Bb                    F  C
Away from the carnival sounds 
    Bb                        C
And out of the deep where the tectonic sleeps 
     Dm                      Bb
And darkness will follow you down
               C           Bb           F 
Oh Lord, just let me stay here on the ground
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