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Luna - Superfreaky Memories tab

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key of D (mixolydian mode)

Em is 022453
chorus arpeggios are xxx775, xxx220, xxx453, xx543x, xx765x
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Well they're [D] swapping pharmaceuticals in [A] Mussolini Park
And they're [Bm] wigglin' and wobbilin' and [G] dozin' in the [A] dark
And it's [D] winter in New Jersey and it's [A] Christmas in New York
With a [Em ] giggle and a stare and a [G] bottle and a [A] cork
And [D] Kristina took your photo with a [A] needle and a spoon
But she [Bm] said we got to hurry cos her [G] dad will be home [A] soon
And these [D] superfreaky memories have [A] put me in my place
But then my [Em] superfreaky memories are [G] gone with [A] out a trace

[D] Please excuse my eyes
[A] Please excuse my hands
[Em] Please excuse my eyes
[G] Put me in my [A] place

(repeat chords from verse)
In a dirty little room in a nasty little world
You were out of your mind you were throwin' up your hands
You were makin' crazy plans left a message on the mirror
And your mouth was making words but there was nobody there
Now the gears are rolling by and you don't get any wiser
And the years are rolling on but you're going round and round
And these superfreaky memories have put me in my place
But my superfreaky memories are gone without a trace

Made in Toni Martorell
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