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Lunatic Asylum - Every Second I Need You More tab

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  A5       A5
Hey it's a sunny day
  G#5      G#5
let's go outside and play 
  C#5      C#5
Hey it's a wet mornin'
  B5       B5         B5
And things can get a bit borin'
  A5       A5 
So go an find out
  G#5      G#5
what life all about

[ Tab from: ]
 A5        G5         F5
Every second i need you more
 A5           G5           F5
You leave me dyein' on my bedroom floor
 A5         G5           F5
Things in the world go round
 A5         G5           F5
Includeing things in the ground
 A5        G5            F5
Lifes a load o' bunched up words
 A5        G5            F5
Then you take a look at the goodlooking birds
 A5        G5            F5
They you say
 A5        G5            F5
Every second i need you more

Verse: the chords are the same as the INTRO!!!!!

I wanna be with you all day
And hear all the stupid things you say
Go out the door and up the street
See who you'll find or what you'll meet
Don't die to quick or young
I wanna get the last touch of your tounge


End: Same chords as INTRO!!!!!

Don't loose you're self in the world
Hope ypu find youself a better guy,
Than me or him next door
To find whats on your bedroon floor
"And i bet i know what it is" Chords hang and this bit is spoken!!!!!

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