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Luscious Jackson - Ladyfingers tab

T1: Ryan,, Luscious Jackson, Ladyfingers, 29/6/99

S1: Thanks...., Song: Ladyfingers
Artist: Luscious Jackson
Album: Electric Honey

This one riff is played throughout the entire song at different times

    D#5         C5              D#5         F5     

   D#5         C5              D#5         C5

I got ladyfingers baby
I got kidgloves
Baby I got heart

If you need me to be sweet
then I can give you what you need
'cause I know you never came first baby
I'm so tired of my guns and my vanity
I'd like to trade them in for some sanity
and I know it didn't come too easy
It didn't come easy to me either
from the freezer to believer in love.

Well I got ladyfingers baby
I got kidgloves
baby I got heart

I bet you didn't know that I could treat you right
that underneath the armor
there's another girl
she's standing with a suitcase
ready to run
in case you're wondering
why she's so quick to come and go
why she's so quick to come and go
she might be new she might be old
she might be scared as hell
she might not be so bold
she might not be so bold.

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