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Lush - Bitter tab

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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 15:08:59 -0800
From: (Scott, Mari & Brian )
Subject:  Crd:"Bitter" Lush

                                "Bitter" by Lush
                             Written by Miki Berenyi
                            Transcribed by Brian Ebbitt

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Just don't imagine that I'll still remember you
Don't even think I'll try
I'll take my memories and drown them in my glass
And then I'll drink a toast of bitterness and wash you from my
I count the blessings that took you away from me
I laugh to think I cried
I don't need what you got I don't miss what you do

'Cause I can raise my glass and drink a toast of bitterness to you


And now my mind recalls no memory of you
And so I raise a smile and drink a toast of bitterness to you

Just don't imagine that I still remember you
Don't even think I care
You took your love elsewhere and I drank mine away
With bitter thoughts of you that washed my memories of you away

     E    Am   G    D

---- End Forwarded Message
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