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Lycia - Broken Days tab

------------             broken days--lycia              --------------------|
                      tripping back into the broken days
Tabbed by:Erik jansson

Tuning:standard EADGBe

main riff (played throughout whole song)
   v^v ^vv^v  v^v ^vv^v  v^v ^vv^v v^v^v^ vv^v

key            |
-v  down stroks|
-^  up strokes |
-/  slide      |

have fun =)

            its really easy to sing over it


I will not sleep tonight
too meany thoughts, muscles tight
here in the dark I'll replay
all that has passed, my youth, the glory of broken days

Cold winter sun, rises, decays
I'll just get up to stay drunk all day
Too meany doubts, thoughts that delay
it is now gone, its gone, the glory of broken days
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