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M Ward - Deep Dark Well tab

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M. Ward
Deep Dark Well
Standard Tuning

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Deep Dark Well
Deep Dark Well
Deep Dark Well
Deep Dark Well
D		A
Itís the deepest and the darkest well
G		E
That I have ever found.
        D           		A          		D
Iím a calliní you from the deep down.
		G				D
Well I had wishes, I had dreams that I could not tell
E					A
So I dropped my silver dollars down that wishing well

The rest of the song repeats exactly as above. You can play the song with bar chords if
want both matches up to the song pretty well. The little ditty he plays at the end is
based off the same chord progression at the beginning of the song, itís pretty easy. Let 
know if there is something drastically wrong with the tab Thank M Ward
being such a badass I think this is a pretty cool and fun song to play along and sing with
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