Mac Davis - Whoever Finds This I Love You chords

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                   Mac Davis

(D)            (D)             (D)              (D)

On A(D)quiet street in the(C)city,

 A(G)little old man walks A([ch]A [/ch])lone,  (D)Shuffling through  the(G)Autumn  after(A)noon.  

And the(D)Autumn  leaves re(C)minded  him,   another(G)summer's  come and(Bb)gone.

He had A(D)long, lonely night A(G)head, waitin' for(A)June.                (A)

Then A(D)mong the leaves, near an(C)orphans' home, A piece of(G)paper caught his(A)eye,

And he(D)stooped to pick it(G)up with trembling(A)hands.                (A)

And as he(D)read the childish(C)writing, the(Em)old man began to(Bb-Gm)cry,

'Cause the(D)words burned in(G)side him, like A(A)brand.                   (A)

   (D)"Whoever(G)finds  this, I(Em)love you!"          (A)

  (Em)"Whoever(A)finds  this, I(D)need you!"          (D)

  (G)"I ain't even(Bm)got  no one to(D)talk(E)to!"       (E)

  "So,(Em)Whoever(A)finds this, I(D)love you!"       (Dm)
   (G)             (D)                   (A)                 (A)

 The(D)old man's eyes  searched the or(C)phans' home,

 And came to(G)rest upon A(A)child

  with her(D)nose pressed up A(G)gainst  the window(A)pane.               (A)

   And the(D)old man  knew he'D found A(C)friend, at last,

  So he(G)waved at her  and(Bb)smiled.

  And they(D)both knew  they'd spend  the(G)Winter, laughing at the(A)rain.   (A)

 (D)And they did  spend the Winter,(C)laughing at the rain,

 (G)talking through the fence,(A)exchanging little  gifts they'd made for each other.

 (D)The old man would  carve toys for the little(G)girl,

  and she would draw pictures for(A)him of  beautiful ladies

  sur(A)rounded by green trees and  sunshine,

   (D)and they laughed(G)A lot.        (A)                    (A)

 (Em)But then on the  first day of June,

the(A)little girl  ran to the fence to  show the(D)man a  picture she had drawn,

 (Dm)but he wasn't there

  (G)And somehow, the  little girl knew(Bm)he wasn't coming back. (Bm7)

  So she(D)went back  to her little room,(E)took out a crayola  and a piece of   paper,

and(E)wrote: (4Beat Rest)


  (D)"Whoever(Gbm)finds  this, I(Em)love you!"              (A)

  (Em)"Whoever (A)finds  this, I(D)need you!"                 (D)

   (G)"I ain't even(Bm)got  no one to(D)talk(E)to."           (E)

   "So,(Em)Whoever(A)finds this, I(D)love you!"   (D)
   "Oh, Whoever (A)finds this,(hold 2 bars)I(D)love you!"   (Dm)
           (G)           (D)            (A)            (A)          (fade out on "A" chords)
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