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Mac Mcanally - You First chords

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YOU FIRST		Mac McAnally
The river looked much wider than it ever looked before
      C			             D
Even though we’d crossed a hundred times or more.
         G             Em                A
We were scared, so we dared each other 

You first
     G	              A
And I’ll be right behind you
You first
              G	            A
I’ll meet you on the other side
        G       A           G		   A
The nature of a hero requires a leap of faith
G 		      A
Find out what you’re made of
      G		        A
When it’s your time to say
       D	A
You first

The chopper drops the ladder in the middle of the war

Sergeant says. “There’s only room for just one more”

Two wounded brothers, one says to the other

        G	      Bm
And now I’m standing over you
G	             Bm
All these years that we’ve been through
I wish it could be me
  Em		A
I never thought that it would be

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