Madeline - Scarred By The Devil tab

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Scarred by the Devil
by Madeline
from the album Kissing and Dancing

Finger Picked

Intro: Am

Am      E      Am              E       Am
Scarred by the devil with pock mark on cheek.
         E       Am                      E
She sang like an angel with a voice that would 
never keep

Am              C        Am         C     C
And I mourn for her when her spirit rise. And I 
   E             Am
don't want to go home.

Am     E   Am                        E   
Pretty and peculiar. She glowed when dawn turned
Am                   E     Am
dusk. The light gave off a buzz and the buzz it 
E        Am
gave off sparks. 

Am            C          Am            C    C
I watched for crying but her eyes were dry. And I 
   E             Am
don't want to go home.

Am      E      Am                 E      
The day before Christmas her dear daddy took
Am                 E       Am                  E
flight. She didn't bat her lashes as he walked into
the night.

Am                 C           Am        C      C
She screams for no one because no one is alone. And
      E            Am
I don't want to go home.

Am     E       Am                 E    Am     
I weep without thinking. I quiver at a touch. I 
     E        Am            E          Am
will never be her. I wasn't built that tough.

Am                C         Am              C
She talks without speaking. I don't talk at all. Am 

               C      C           E      Am
Oh, when I'm this alone- I don't want to go home.

Am      C           Am              C      Am 
History repeats and brings me to my knees. Over my 

C        Am              C        Am 
shoulder she's older and older and I'm just a 
C      Am
little girl.
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