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Madonna - Paradise Is Not For Me tab

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This is the acoustic version of Paradise (is not for me), that was on the Confessions Tour (2006).
If anyone can work out the solo that Monte Pittman plays in between, that would be awesome!

There are the chords you need to know:
Am (002210)
Bbmaj7 (003230)
Fmaj7 (003210)

Capo 3
Intro: Am  Bbmaj7

 Am                          Bbmaj7
I can't remember, when I was young
I can't explain, if it was wrong
My life goes on, but not the same
Into your eyes, my face remains
I've been so high
I've been so down

Up to the skies
Down to the ground
I was so blind
I could not see

Your paradise
Is not for me

Am  Bbmaj7  Fmaj7 Am
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