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Madonna - Another Suitcase In Another Hall chords

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   G               C              D        G
I don`t expect my love affairs to last for long,
       C   G      D       G                D
never fool myself that my dreams will come true.
G             C           D   Em
Being used to trouble I anticipate it,
     D             C        G
but all the same I hate it, wouldn`t you ?

                 D                       G
So what happens now ?  Another suitcase in anoth(er hall)
                 D                       G
So what happens now?   Take your picture off anoth(er wall)
              C                          Em
Where am I going to?   You`ll get by, you always have (before!)
             C   G
Where am I going to ?

G              C                   D        G
Time and time again I`ve said that I don`t care,
            C    G    D              G               
that  I`m immune to gloom, that I`m hard through and through.
    G             C              D     Em
But every time it matters all my words desert me,
D             C           G
so anyone can hurt me  -  and they do.


G                    C                D       G
Call in three months time and I`ll be fine, I know,
      C     G        D               G          D
well, maybe not that fine, but  I`ll survive anyhow.
G                  C                D             Em
I won`t recall the names and places of this sad occasion,
D                   C      G
but that`s no consolation, here and now.

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