Magnetic Fields - The Nuns Litany chords

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The Nun's Litany
Magnetic Fields
Intro: C F G Am F G C

          C      F         G      Am
I want to be a Playboy's bunny
           Am        F         G   C
I'd do whatever they asked me to
             C        F       G   Am
I'd meet people with lots of money
and they would love me
     F  G     C
like I loved you

          C     F       G          Am
I want to be a topless waitress
           Am         F       G     C
I want my mother to shed one tear
            C       F       G       Am
I'd throw away this old sedate dress
           Am          F   G     C
slip into something a tad more sheer

F                C         G
 I want to be an artist's model
F                  C   G
 an odalisque, au naturel
C                      F       G     Am
 I should be good at spin-the-bottle
while I've still got something
 F    G  C
left to sell

          C     F     G                Am
I want to be a cobra dancer
             Am        F        G       C
with Little Willie between my thighs
           C      F        G           Am
I may not find a cure for cancer
                Am       F  G   C
But I'll meet plenty of single guys

F                 C      G
 I want to be a brothel worker
F                      C       G
 I've always been treated like one
C                  F          G      Am
 If I could be a back-street lurker
I'd make more money
     F G C
and have more fun

          C     F   G                 Am
I want to be a dominatrix
            Am           F       G     C
which isn't like me, but I can dream
learn S and M
    F          G            Am
and all those gay tricks
And men will pay me to
 F     G     C
make them scream

F                C      G
 I want to be a porno starlet
F                          C      G
 (for that I'll wait till Mama's dead)
C                     F          G         Am
 I'll see my name in lights of scarlet
             Am         F  G   C
and get to spend every day in bed

          C     F        G            Am
I want to be a tattooed lady
       Am       F       G              C
dedicated, as I am, to art
            C     F           G       Am
Characters bold, complex and shady
will write my memoirs
   F    G   C
across my heart.

Tabbed by: mushidebleh
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