Magnetic Morning - The Wrong Turning chords

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Em                    Bm
the strongest feeling
D             G
is lost on me
Em              Bm
the only reason for your
D         G
Em        Bm
i follow something      
        D            G
that i dont believe
            Em         Bm
for the final salvation
     D      A
is not in reach
         Em         Bm
its my soliloquy
Em             Bm
i fall to me knees
Em                 Bm
my strongest belief
G                                  D
is how i wish you were here

the flowers have rotted
and the birds have flown
i took the wrong turning
on my way home
i came a place where
emotion was as pure as snow
i made statues of horses and people
i found a pathway to an unknown god

its my soliloquy
i fall to my knees
my strongest belief 
is how i wish you were here

how i wish you were here
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