Magnum - A Face In The Crowd chords

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MAGNUM  A Face In The Crowd
from the 2009 album Into The Valley Of The Moon King

tune down 1/2 step

Intro: D, D/C#, G, A

Verse 1:
D            D/C#            G       A
The rain has chased away the sun
D           D/C#             G       A
The darkest night has yet to come
G                             A
And now you're fallin' in too deep
   D     A/C#  Bm    A              G      A 
It won't be    long 'till you fall asleep

You count your blessings one by one
And everythin' that has been done
Well it's a game you've gotta win
It's your life
You know where you've been

D            A/C#            Bm  
So don't you weep, don't you cry
             A                 G
Secrets that you thought you'd keep
            D           A
Farewell to wisdom, goodbye
D             A/C#        Bm
When you're a face in the crowd
            A                G
You have to shine thru' with grace
            D            A
No need for shoutin' out loud

            D     G   A
Not for the parts you take
           D      G   A
Or for the hearts you break
D              A/C#        Bm
Somethin' that you can't deny
             A            G      
Don't let it all pass you by

Verse 2:
Now you don't seem to get around
And in everythin' you've found
Somehow nothin' stays the same
And believe some of us remain

Repeat chorus

Bm                 A
You're lost in the wilderness
G               D
Ain't no way of leavin'
Bm               G
You think you're helpless
D            A
In a place unknown
Bm                    A
You don't know you're standin'
G               D
At the gates of Eden
Bm        G
Someone's waitin'
D              A       Asus2
Gonna take you home 

Fill before final chorus:

Outro: E, B/D#, C#m, B, A, E, B

fancy chords:
D/C# - (x4x232)
A/C# - (x4222x)
Asus2  (x02200)
B/D# - (x6444x)
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