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Mainstay - Overnight On Nicollet tab

I figured out the tab (just the acoustic guitar portion, not the electric) for Overnight 
on Nicollet. It requires a bit of tricky tuning for the last two strings to ring for 
the whole song.

Tuning: DADGAE (drop D with an A on the 2nd string instead of a B) (if you want to play 
in the key Mainstay does it, drop the tuning by a half step. I like it b/c it makes the 
strings more mushy and easier to bar.)

I'm barring the first three strings with my index finger and using my pinky on the G. 
That way you can keep your little finger on the same string for the whole song. I honestly 
don't know how else you would do it.

Chords used: A(X 0 2 2 0 0) E(2 2 2 4 0 0) F#m(4 4 4 6 0 0) F(3 3 3 5 0 0) D(0 0 0 2 0 0)

d |--4--7--2-----0 hold until verse.--..
a |--4--7--2-----0--------------------..
d |--4--7--2-----0--------------------..
g |--6--9--4-----2--------------------..
a |--0--0--0-----0--------------------..
e |--0--0--0-----0--------------------..

d |--X-----2-----2/4-----0.. repeat until the line:
a |--0-----2-----2/4-----0..
d |--2-----2-----2/4-----0..
g |--2-----4-----4/6-----2..
a |--0-----0-----0/0-----0..
e |--0-----0-----0/0-----0..

over nights don't seem so coooooold
d |--X---------2-----------------------------2/4-----1..
a |--0---------2-----------------------------2/4-----1..
d |--2---------2-----------------------------2/4-----1..
g |--2---------4-----------------------------4/6-----3..
a |--0---------0-----------------------------0/0-----0..
e |--0---------0-----------------------------0/0-----0..

d |--0----2..
a |--0----2..
d |--2----2..
g |--0----4..
a |--0----0..
e |--0----0..

d |--X----4----0----2.. until the line:
a |--2----4----0----2..
d |--2----4----0----2..
g |--0----6----2----4..
a |--0----0----0----0..
e |--0----0----0----0..

captivated by that face you wear to - night.
familiar but it looks so good in street lights
d |--4----------------7----------------------0-----------2..
a |--4----------------7----------------------0-----------2..
d |--4----------------7----------------------0-----------2..
g |--6----------------9----------------------2-----------4..
a |--0----------------0----------------------0-----------0..
e |--0----------------0----------------------0-----------0..

Bridge (the dadya's)
d |--3----2..
a |--3----2..
d |--3----2..
g |--3----4..
a |--5----0..
e |--0----0..

Outro is the same as the intro. Hope this helps!
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