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Majandra Delfino - Only When You Go chords

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Artist : Majandra Delfino
Song : Only When You Go

note : This song is sing by Majandra in Roswell 3x08

Tabbed by Emy351
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Chord use
C     : x32010
Cadd9 : x32030
Fmaj  : xx3210
Fmaj7 : xx3213
F     : 123311

C Cadd9 Fmaj Fmaj7

C                              Cadd9 Fmaj        Fmaj7
   I wish I could’ve read your mind, words don't mean a thing.
C                        Cadd9    Fmaj     Fmaj7
   I've given you all my time,    all you do is leave.
   And if you were standing here in front of me
Cadd9                    Fmaj   Fmaj7
      I know you would say,
C                        Cadd9       Fmaj        Fmaj7
   There's nothing oh so precious as something that's gone away.

F               G
   And if there is a reason,
F               G
   I just don't want to know
F                   G                    C
   Why you feel the need to love me so

(C) F 

          C      F
Only when you go
Only when you go.
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